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Welcome to the DynamoEdge Revolution.

Devices​: Transforming your hardware into an intelligent end-point with embedded self-healing and advanced diagnostics capabilities that run with or without cloud connectivity.
Automotive​: We solved the automotive market big-data processing challenge by extracting high-frequency features at the source and sending only relevant results to the cloud, reducing pollution and increasing efficiency.
Transportation​: Predicting fleet, traffic and roads operational events in real-time, reducing downtime, insurance costs and increasing the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians.
Autonomous Vehicles​: DynamoEdge Embedded Edge OS for Autonomous Vehicles provides ultra-low latency and real-time analysis of sensors at scale.
Energy Grid​: Low power insights unlock solar smoothing, demand response, microgrid synchronization, intelligent device control, voltage optimization, regulatory compliance, dispatch optimization and high-speed energy arbitrage.
Healthcare​: We allow healthcare providers to process all patient monitoring device data locally leading to increased data security, high operational efficiencies and better care delivery.
Manufacturing​: We provide real-time analysis of data produced by edge-based devices and sensors, allowing manufacturers to execute better control of critical assets.

Real-Time Predictions · 

Real-Time Predictions · 

Real-Time Predictions · 

Real-Time Predictions · 

Real-Time Predictions · 

DynamoEdge transforms data into results.

By 2030, the world will have 10 times more data than today, and the global energy consumption will increase by 170%.

By 2030, the world will have 10 times more data than today, and the global energy consumption will increase by 170%.

Unless 50% of the world’s data is processed ​with solutions like DynamoEdge.​

Drive with data.

Discover how DynamoEdge can help your business transformation

Generate New Revenues

Offer Best Quality of Experience

Enhance ​Data Security

Improve ​Safety​

Accelerate Sustainability

Reduce ​Downtime

DynamoEdge by the Numbers



Delivering powerful granular insights​



Six hundred sensors at the same time, all the time



1 Connected Car Trend & Innovation 2022​



Data transmission and storage savings

Unlock the value of real-time data

With a proven and award-winning platform

DynamoEdge turns the data collection upside down

DynamoEdge neural networks analyze TBs of data close to the source 100 times per second, and only send MBs of results to the cloud.

Delivering less surprises, less disruptions and the best quality of experience.

DynamoEdge distributes the analytics through the data pipe unlocking the transmission of predictive insights at scale.

Discover our integrated solutions




Main Benefits


DynamoEdge eliminates the need for constant communication to the cloud, reducing data costs significantly.


Devices become independent. Little or no bandwidth is needed for any device to perform its function.


Data processing at the edge significantly reduces the probability of a violation.

Ultra low latency

DynamoEdge is optimized to perform at ultra low latencies with massive amounts of data.


Since DynamoEdge processes data locally, it is less prone to faults and reduces downtime.

Changing the Future of Mobility

  • Business Intelligence
  • Prescriptive Maintenance
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Asset Performance Optimization
  • Condition Based Monitoring
  • Predictive Quality of Service
  • Personalized Solutions

DynamoEdge continuous intelligence leader developerthe fastest predictive insightsnext generation technology for OEMs

Continuous intelligence leader developer

DynamoEdge is the leading developer of a scalable Real-Time Continuous Intelligence Solution that turns your data into actionable results for mobile and enterprise IoT applications.

The fastest predictive insights

DynamoEdge software platform unlocks the potential of real-time analytics at the edge, enabling a new class of proactive solutions for machine performance optimization, zero-trust security, prescriptive services, and operational intelligence use cases.

Next generation technology for OEMs

DynamoEdge’s technology is ideal for OEMs, components and silicon manufacturers, Internet Service Providers, system integrators, and end customers in the automotive, manufacturing, transportation, industrial, healthcare, education, and mobility markets.

Why us?

Because we are a proven platform, ahead of the pack.

Other technologies attempt to do all the analytics in one place on the network, meaning either the analytics is underpowered when done close to the source or computational requirements grow exponentially when done in the cloud. At the same time, the latency between data ingest and analytics output increases as well, which can be the difference between passing a safe intersection or a crash for an autonomous vehicle.

Top 10 Connected Vehicle Trend & Innovation 2023

An awarded platform for your business

DynamoEdge advances Chip-To-Cloud Processing.

DynamoEdge develops a secure and scalable platform for real-time chip-to-cloud data processing. It distributes machine learning algorithms across the transmission pipeline from the sensor to the cloud. This reduces the massive data costs required for data processing. Additionally, it uses 5G to facilitate high-speed data transfer and finds applications in predicting hardware failures, generating fleet diagnostics, and more.”​

A company ahead of the pack.

Congratulations to DynamoEdge on this well-deserved recognition for their innovative Connected Vehicle solution! We’re so thrilled to collaborate with them by providing our fast and secure connectivity so that they can offer an excellent customer experience.

Romvadee OverbeySenior Director in Internet of Things Solutions - AT&T

Congratulations to Dynamo Edge team! Well done. You are creating the future for all of us!

Michael WhiteFormer CEO of DIRECTV, BoD of Bank of America, Whirpool and Kimberly Clark.

Very Well done Barbara and Team. IOT in action!

Victoria ColemanChief Scientific Adviser to the Secretary of the Air Force, Air Force Chief of Staff, Chief Scientist at United States Department of the Air Force and Chief of Space Operations.

The AI at the edge solution that DynamoEdge has built is impressive and the demo illustrates the potencial applicability across multiple use cases.
The DynamoEdge team has done really good work on bringing this to life. Congratulations Barbara and the team!

Basavaraj PatilDirector of Product Development at AT&T

NXP S32G2 + 5G is a wonderful combination for enabling new intelligent connected vehicle use cases. Tessolve´s new TERA
gateway based on S32G2 combined with DynamoEdge´s real-time AI/analytics and 5G networks are bringing them to life!

Brian CarlsonDirector, Global Products and Solutions Marketing at NXP Semiconductors

Huge congratulations to the amazing Barbara Bessolo and her impressive DynamoEdge team! You should all feel so proud of your innovation, your accomplishments and your successful and collaborative partnerships. Celebrating you!

Nomi BergmanComcast Board Member and Women in Cable Hall of Fame

Congratulations DynamoEdge Team! You set your vision and now you will achieve your realization in delivering second to none technology!

Dino ChronopoulosVice President Procurement at Liberty Latin America

This will be for the connected vehicle and autonomous driving segments as networks evolve in the future! Great times to be in this industry and working with you and the partner ecosystem!

Diego GastaldiCable TV Pioneer; Head of Smart Product Practice at Cognizant

An experienced leadership team

Barbara Bessolo

Barbara Bessolo

Chief Executive Officer

Justin Wolf

Justin Wolf

Chief Technical Officer​

Jeff Lye

Jeff Lye


Marcial Torreiro

CMO – Chief Marketing and ads officer.

Mariana Saddakni

Chief Experience Officer (CXO)

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